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The Relic

RelicArtboard 2@300x.png
RelicArtboard 7@300x.png
RelicArtboard 1@300x.png
RelicArtboard 2@300x.png
RelicArtboard 4@300x.png
RelicArtboard 3@300x.png
RelicArtboard 5@300x.png
RelicArtboard 6@300x.png
Relic Concept Render.png
Elevation + Noise.jpg
Model Image 1.jpg
IMG_6551-14 copy.jpg
1-50 Perspective.jpg

An amphibious theatre with circular plans. A relic. 

Type: Academic (University of Toronto)

Program: Performance Theatre

Location: Toronto, Canada

Year: 2020

Collaboration: Liam Thornewell

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